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Lishui Xuande Royal Chrysanthemum Development Co., Ltd. was founded in March 2013 with a registered capital of CNY 8.75 million. It is a leading agricultural enterprise that engages in the planting, processing, sales and research of Royal Chrysanthemum in Zhejiang Province. It has the registered trademark of "Kangyue" and its enterprise reputation is rated “AA”. In 2016, it invested CNY 8 million to establish Qingtian Xuande Royal Chrysanthemum Development Co., Ltd., which is a key agricultural enterprise in Lishui. In 2017, Lishui Xuande Royal Chrysanthemum Development Co., Ltd. was listed in Zhejiang Equity Exchange Center.


The company has set up more than 1,700 mu of production bases in Yepingtou and Gaoshan of Yanquan Street, Liandu District; Chenzhai Village, Aodi Village and Zhu'ao Village of Fushan Township, Qingtian County; and has built primary processing plants covering 3,000 square meters. Besides, the company has established one Royal Chrysanthemum Experience Hall and one Royal Chrysanthemum E-commerce Center in Lishui City, and one Royal Chrysanthemum Experience Hall in the urban area of Qingtian County. Its Royal Chrysanthemum Base has become the photography base of Lishui, one of the "Top Ten Beautiful Gardens" in Lishui, and a featured tourist spot recommended by the "Traveling by Yourself" program of Zhejiang TV Station. The company adheres to the business philosophy of "Quality First" , and its products have been rated AA-grade green food and obtained SC certification. The company adopts clean production technology to produce Royal Chrysanthemum products. Measures including cultivating virus-free seedlings, comprehensive utilization of waste, applying organic fertilizer, irrigating with spring water, environment-friendly control of pests and diseases and artificial weeding make the products have higher quality and smell better.

Xuan de Huangju

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Royal Chrysanthemum, a member of the composite family, is a top-grade tea substitute. It is used for drinking, eating and medical and ornamental purposes, which makes it different from other common drinks of chrysanthemum. Royal Chrysanthemum contains 17 kinds of amino acids such as volatile oil, adenine and amino acids, and trace elements such as iron, zinc, copper and selenium. It promotes the secretion of saliva, prevents rheumatism, moistens throat, nourishes liver, improves eyesight, neutralizes the effect of alcoholic drink, lowers blood pressure and slows down the process of aging. Therefore, it has higher medicinal value than common chrysanthemum drinks. People often drink chrysanthemum tea for daily health care and in traditional Chinese medicine, it is used to reduce the internal heat and improve eyesight. Long-term drinking of Royal chrysanthemum will increase the amount of calcium in one’s body, regulate myocardial function and reduce the amount of cholesterol.

The Royal Chrysanthemum drink produced by our company is complete and clean with the inherent color and fragrance of Royal Chrysanthemum. Tests by Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences show that the product has 6.3%, 6.56%, 9.14% and 19.0mg/100g of flavonoids, crude polysaccharides, amino acids and Vitamin E content respectively, and that all the quality indices of the product are superior to those of the Royal Chrysanthemum products produced by other production bases in China. Li Feng, director of Lishui Municipal People's Congress (then deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of Lishui), summarized the features of Xuande Royal Chrysanthemum with words of "simple, shallow and obvious". The high-quality Royal Chrysanthemum produced in Lishui, a place with beautiful mountains and clear water and known as China's “Natural Oxygen Bar", has the effects of relieving summer heat, reducing rheumatic fever, improving eyesight, relieving internal heat, inhibiting bacteria and inflammation, purifying heart and improving one’s looks. The SGS test shows that the product has reached the AA grade as a green food, and 512 of the 517 indicators of pesticide residues in the product were tested 0, and the other 5 indicators were only 1/5 to 1/10 of the EU limit.

The products have won the honorary titles of "Famous Products for Health Care (for the aged) in China's Longevity Town", "Excellent Ecological Agricultural Products in Lishui City", "Gold Award Products in Zhejiang Agricultural Fair", “Excellent Tourism Commodities in Zhejiang”, and the Innovation Gold Award of the 12th International Famous Tea Competition. The product is special gift designated by the Organizing Committee of the First award ceremony of CHINA NETWORK MOVIE ROYAL WEB, and has been designated as "Special Tea for Zhejiang Delegation of the National People's Congress and CPPCC" for three consecutive years from 2019 to 2021.


The Royal Chrysanthemum products of our company are available in both gift box package and ordinary box package. Our company has also developed the Royal Chrysanthemum Spirit, which has become a popular health-care spirit welcomed by all walks of life, and its high-end products are especially favored by white collars. The medium-end products are of high quality and low price, and they taste and look better than other chrysanthemum drinks, so they are welcome by ordinary consumers.







○ 2016年获中国长寿之乡养生(老)名优称号





○ 2019-2020连续两年荣获全国两会浙江代表团专用茶
○ 第十一届、第十二届国际名茶博览会金奖、创新金奖
○ “莲都区首届养生农产品”
○ 首届中国优秀网络电影评选金网盛典组委会指定特色礼品


○ 十佳美丽田园

○ 丽水摄影的创作基地
○ 浙江电视台《自游自在》栏目推荐的特色产品旅游点


Supporting agriculture and public welfare

Huangju planting and processing project is an agricultural investment attraction project in Liandu District in 2013. From the beginning, the poverty alleviation working group mobilized one by one to persuade the villagers to transfer land. Now, the villagers take the initiative to come to the door and ask for the transfer of land. The blossoming chrysanthemums witnessed the real and happy changes brought to the villagers by Lishui Xuande Huangju Development Co., Ltd. in the past nine years.


Huangju adopts the ecological and organic planting method, which requires a lot of manpower. From the first month, open the field, level the land, raise seedlings, plant, trim, weed and fertilize. Until the picking season in November, it needs manual care for at least 280 days a year. In 2018, the salary paid to villagers alone reached more than 2 million yuan. Land circulation brings villagers an income of 500 yuan per mu every year, and the company pays nearly 200000 yuan of land rent a year.


Local villagers can make money at home without going far away. During the chrysanthemum blossom season, many tourists come to enjoy the flowers and take photos. Ye Pingtou and the farmhouse and home stay in the surrounding villages also came into being, and the village takes on a new look. Local villagers said that Huangju is the "Golden Flower and silver flower" to attract wealth in their village. It is on it to increase income and get rich.


Xuan de Huangju
Xuan de Huangju
Xuan de Huangju


Xuan de Huangju

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Base address:

yepingtou village, Yanquan street, Liandu District, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province
Fu Shan Xiang Chen Zhai Cun, Qingtian County, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province
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No. 8-9, Building 12, Warm Garden, Yanquan Street, Liandu District, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province
21 Shixue Road, Qingtian County, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province
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