Autumn beauty in Huangju mountain village

(Summary description)

Autumn beauty in Huangju mountain village

(Summary description)

Yepingtou village has high mountains, clear water and beautiful environment. It has the tradition of planting imperial chrysanthemum since ancient times. It is said that during his study, Liu Ji gave lectures along the Cang ancient road with his mentor and passed through yepingtou village. He was tired and fell ill due to running around. He temporarily lived in a family and was instructed by a doctor in his dream. After waking up, he recovered from his illness by soaking in Imperial chrysanthemum. Later, Liu Ji assisted Zhu Yuanzhang to complete the imperial industry and never forgot the imperial chrysanthemum tea in yepingtou. He sent people here to collect it every year, which named the imperial chrysanthemum in yepingtou village.
Liandu Yanquan yepingtou,
It was originally a poor mountain village.
Since planting chrysanthemums,
Fame spreads far inside and outside the city.
Another golden autumn,
Colleagues go to enjoy chrysanthemums together.
Through mountains and mountains, chrysanthemum village,
Through the bamboo sea and fruit forest.
A hundred acres of imperial chrysanthemums are in front of us,
The mountains and fields are yellow.
Rows of new houses,
The front and back of the house are full of chrysanthemums.
The blue sky is full of clouds,
The mountains are green and luxuriant.
The hills and valleys are yellow,
Several persimmon trees are red.
Surrounded by green bamboos,
The imperial chrysanthemum flows gold around the Ping head.
When autumn comes, September 8,
After the chrysanthemum blooms, all flowers kill.
The fragrance array in the sky penetrates the mountains and rivers,
The mountain is covered with gold armour.
Chrysanthemum picking girl with bamboo blue,
The field ridge road is busy picking chrysanthemums.
Idle land is transferred,
Huangju project was introduced.
Beautifying the village and enriching the people,
Farmhouse fun for every family.
When the flowers are in bloom,
The scene of playing and enjoying flowers exploded.
The great development of efficient agriculture,
Integration of rural tourism.
Health care and elderly care base,
Tourists from all over the world taste imperial chrysanthemums.
Photography is the best way to sketch.
Attract painters and photographers.
Huang Juyan of yepingtou village,
Autumn is beautiful in the health garden.
Mountains, bamboo sea, clouds and fog,
Chrysanthemum Xinfang persimmon red.
Red tile and white wall new B & B,
Make a wonderful picture.

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