Liu Ji and Huang Ju

Liu Ji, named Bowen, posthumous title Wencheng, from Qingtian, Zhejiang Province, was an outstanding strategist, politician, writer and thinker in the late Yuan and early Ming Dynasties, and the founding father of the Ming Dynasty.


In 1327, the fourth year of Yuantai reign, Liu Ji was seventeen years old. He studied hard at Shimen Academy in Qingtian under the guidance of Zheng Fuchu, a famous scholar in Chuzhou (the ancient name of Lishui area), and received the education of Confucian classics. During his study, Zheng Fuchu took Liu Ji to give lectures around him. One day, Liu Ji gave a lecture along Kuocang ancient road with his mentor and passed by yepingtou village in Chuzhou (now yepingtou village in Liandu). Here, with high mountains and clear water, elegant environment, mysterious and remote, and simple folk customs, it was late autumn. The imperial chrysanthemums planted in front and behind the villagers' houses were in full bloom, and the fragrance smelled, which made Liu Ji linger and forget to return.


Tired of running around along the way, Liu Ji fell ill and temporarily lived in the home of a villager surnamed Wang in yepingtou village. In a daze, Liu Ji dreamed of a doctor coming through the clouds. At this time, Liu Ji was very weak. When the doctor came to visit, Liu Ji tried to get up and greet him, expressed his gratitude to the doctor in weak words, and insisted on giving up his seat for the doctor. The doctor saw that Liu Ji was so modest and polite, and saw that he read a lot of books. He admired him very much, so he picked several chrysanthemums in front of the house where the peasant woman lived and brewed them to Liu Ji. After drinking, Liu Ji felt sweating all over his body, the virus was eliminated and refreshed.


After Liu Ji woke up, he picked the chrysanthemum and soaked it in boiling water according to the tips of the dream doctor. As expected, his condition was greatly reduced and his heart and eyes were gradually cleared. After the locals learned that, one spread ten, ten spread a hundred. Huangju has the effects of calming the liver and benefiting the eyes, clearing fire and detoxification, bacteriostasis and anti-inflammatory. It has been recognized by everyone and has become an indispensable drink for villagers' daily life.


After Liu Jiyu made great progress in his studies, Zheng Fuchu praised Liu Ji's father in a visit and said, "your father has a good virtue. This son must be the door of a great king." Later, Liu Ji assisted Zhu Yuanzhang to complete the imperial career, create the Ming Dynasty, and strive to ensure national stability. Therefore, he was famous all over the world and was compared to Zhuge Wuhou by later generations. Despite his success, he never forgets ye Pingtou's Huangju tea every day. Every year, he sends people to ye Pingtou to collect Huangju from the villagers. Therefore, the Huangju in ye Pingtou village is named.


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