2015 China • Chuzhou Xuande Huangju photography competition began

(Summary description)Golden autumn, October, half an hour's drive from Lishui City, Liandu yepingtou village, Huangju Valley, Huangju in bud, beautiful!

2015 China • Chuzhou Xuande Huangju photography competition began

(Summary description)Golden autumn, October, half an hour's drive from Lishui City, Liandu yepingtou village, Huangju Valley, Huangju in bud, beautiful!

 The mountains are covered with golden armor and the golden terraces are fragrant with chrysanthemums. In the golden autumn, the Huangju base of Lishui Xuande Huangju Development Co., Ltd. - Huangju Valley, yepingtou village, Liandu district will present the most beautiful visual feast in Lishui in autumn. Surrounded by mountains, dense forests, sparsely populated, far away from dust, negative oxygen ions are more than 5300 / cm3 all year round. The unique geographical location and superior natural conditions have achieved the high quality of Xuande Huangju. Xuande Huangju has become a fashionable, healthy and high-end beverage and a magnificent wonderful flower in the ecological Boutique agriculture of beautiful mountains and waters.
In order to further display the natural growth environment, the beautiful scenery of the imperial chrysanthemum base and the unique production technology of Xuande imperial chrysanthemum in Lishui, let more people know the health preservation effect of Xuande imperial chrysanthemum and improve the cultural connotation of Xuande imperial chrysanthemum, 2015 China Chuzhou Xuande imperial chrysanthemum photography competition is specially held.
1 Organization
Organizer: Lishui Xuande Huangju Development Co., Ltd., organizing committee of 2015 Lishui Photography Festival
2 entry rules
1. The theme of the draft is "Xuande Huangju". The works should reflect the natural environment, beautiful landscape, chrysanthemum appreciation, production technology, product display and other related contents of Xuande Huangju in Lishui, and interpret the health care efficacy and cultural connotation of Xuande Huangju through photographic language.
2. Contributors are not limited to gender, age, region and occupation.
3. Over the years, photographic works reflecting the relevant content of "Xuande Huangju" can participate in the competition, with unlimited form and style, single and group photos. All single entries shall be 10 inch expanded photos, and the group photos shall not exceed 6. They shall be combined in a 10 inch expanded film. Works in violation of rules and electronic documents shall not be accepted. The post PS processing of works should be kept moderate, which is limited to tone processing and defect repair. Works that change the environmental characteristics of photos by means of digital synthesis such as greatly increasing or decreasing mobile pixels are not allowed to participate in the competition. All selected and award-winning works may be disqualified if they are found to violate the competition regulations.
4. After the works are selected, the organizer will uniformly transfer the original drawing data files of the works for album or exhibition production. The selected authors must submit the digital format documents of their works to the organizer within the specified time. Failure to provide them within the specified time will be deemed as automatic waiver. The organizer has the right to use the winning and selected works in relevant publicity (including picture albums, exhibitions, TV topics, advertising, website use, etc.) without paying additional remuneration.
5. Contributors shall ensure that they have independent and complete copyright in their works; Ensure that the works submitted by them do not infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of third parties, including copyright, portrait right, reputation right, privacy right, etc. All selected works involving disputes over rights and interests shall be the responsibility of the author himself, not the organizer.
6. The deadline for submission of this activity is November 30, 2015.
7. There is no registration fee for this event. All contributors shall be deemed to have agreed to all the provisions of this notice. The right to explain the event belongs to the organizer.
3 selection method
1. The organizing committee is composed of organizers and organizers, and relevant experts are invited as judges to conduct centralized evaluation of the works within one month after the deadline for the draft.
2. Award setting
One first-class collector, with a bonus of 5000 yuan
Three secondary collectors, with a bonus of 3000 yuan
Five of the three-level collectors will receive a bonus of 1000 yuan
A 198 yuan imperial chrysanthemum gift box for 30 winners
4 submission of entries
Mailing of works:
Wang Huaping, Lishui Photography Museum, No. 583, Kuocang Road, Liandu District, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province Tel.: 2117793, 15990884860 zip code: 323000

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